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Fine Print & Privacy Statement


We respect your privacy and promise not to sell, swap, or give away your personal information with any other company.

           20022006 Persons-Majestic Company all rights reserved.  Portions of this site are copyrighted by SUN RACE STURMEY-ARCHER, INC., BROOKS ENGLAND, LTD., H. HEMMELSKAMP GMBH & CO. (HEBIE), SPANNINGA METAAL B.V. (JOS INTERNATIONAL), PC SPORTS (OKTOS) and KNOG. They are used with permission.

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         OEM users are invited to contact us for specifications, samples, pricing, offshore delivery programs.

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          We are the third generation to service the global bicycle market. We are pleased to offer Quality Products manufactured to the same high standards my grandfather used in 1892 when we began.

          Charles A. Persons II

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          Our processing system uses "state-of-the-art" encrypted software for your payment options. If you are not comfortable using this, contact us directly to make other arrangements.

When shopping at our site online, all information sent and received is via 128 bit encryption. No information is actually sent until the billing and shipping information page is submitted. Credit card numbers and account information is never used for anything other than billing the customer. If you feel at any time, your information has been compromised, please contact us at sales@permaco.com.

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          All merchandise offered for sale through this site is fully warranted against defects in materials or workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

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Orders are normally shipped within 3-4 days, unless we are traveling. Display stands may have additional costs.

United States shipping costs:
    0 - 18 = $4.00
    18 - 50 = $8.00
    51 - > = $12.00

Canada shipping costs:
   *Above chart times 1.5

Rest of World shipping costs:
    *Above chart times 2.0

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