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SA103A - Lubricant for Gear Internals

CLS Grease - This is a Lithium based grease incorporating a mineral oil and having extreme pressure capabilities.

Base: Lithium
Working penetration 25C   400 - 430
Mineral Oil Viscosity 40  40 cST
NLGI Number 00
Drop Point C 170
Working Temp. C -45 to +120


SA103E - Lubricant for Brake Bands and Actuators

BM2 Grease - This is a grey/black, smooth, medium soft grease containing highly refined mineral oils, Bentone thickener, Molybdenum Disulphide and anti-oxidants. Maximum recommended temperature for reasonable grease life 200C.

Base: Bentonite Clay
Mineral Oil Viscosity 40  95 cST
NLGI Number 2
Drop Point C Indefinite
Working Temp. C -7 to +260
Colloidal MOS2 0.5%


SA103B - Lubricant for Bearings

LMX Lithium Complex Grease - LMX is a Lithium Complex Grease suitable for bearing lubrication with good weather and temperature resistance.

Base: Lithium Complex
Working penetration 25C   270
Mineral Oil Viscosity 40  180 cST
NLGI Number 2
Drop Point C 245
Working Temp. C -30 to +170


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