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The innovative Cyclaire™ bicycle pump

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A picture or the innovative Cyclaire™ bicycle pump.
Cyclaire 01

The Innovative Cyclaire™ bicycle pump is nearly as small as a mini-pump making it very portable; and being so quick and easy to use, it’s almost like having a full-sized floor pump or track pump!

Holding it in place with your foot, you stand up straight to use it,
so it’s ideal for older or elderly cyclists, or for anyone with a bad back.

The revolutionary innovation of Cyclaire technology is that you just pull on a rope, cord or strap to fill the tires of your cycle rapidly with air, even to high pressure, which can be measured using the built in pressure gauge. This is a premium quality pump with a design that is rugged and robust enough even for mountain bikers. Reliable and durable, this designer pump makes an ideal gift for the cycling enthusiast.

How to use the Cyclaire™ Bicycle Pump


Please note the Cyclaire™ (not Cyclare, Cyclair or Cycleair) Pump is designed by Innoverce (not Innoverse).
Using the innovative Cyclaire™ bicycle pump - Step 1-2-3

1. Place the pump beside the tyre and remove the nozzle from its travel position

2. Push the connector nozzle onto the tyre valve and rotate the lever to lock


3. Put foot on foot pad to hold pump in place

Animated picture of Cyclaire pump usage.     Recommended BUY

Taking it with you  

  • Small enough to fit into your pocket or bike bag, or throw into your rucksack

How it works

Cyclaire bicycle pumps are quick and easy like a full size pump, but light and portable like a mini pump. The revolutionary Cyclaire Technology means that you simply pull on a handle to inflate your tyre. Every time you pull on the handle, this drives a mini compressor inside the pump. The double ended piston moves so fast you can pump a lot of air
quickly and easily, even at high pressures.

Revolutionary Cyclaire Technology Animation.

Frequently asked Questions
Q. Does the Cyclaire Pump fit Presta and Schrader valves?
A. Yes. It has an adjustable nozzle which fits Presta (narrow), Schrader (wide) and Dunlop valves.
Q. Can I use the Cyclaire Pump for inflating sports balls?
A. Yes, but be careful not to overinflate them as they need much less pressure than a bike tyre.
Q. Can I use the Cyclaire Pump for inflating wheelchair and pram tyres?
A. Yes. These tyres are just like bicycle tyres.
Q. Can I use the Cyclaire Pump for inflating the tyres of my motor-scooter?
A. Yes, these tyres are bigger than bike tyres but need less pressure. The Cyclaire Pump is ideal for scooter tyres.
Q. Can I use the Cyclaire Pump for inflating car and motorbike tyres?
A. No. These tyres need a much bigger volume of air. The Cyclaire Pump will be slow to inflate these larger tyres and could overheat and become permanently damaged.
Q. Can I use the Cyclaire Pump for inflating airbeds, beach inflatables and other novelty inflatables?
A. No, but we are developing a Cyclaire Inflator for these products, which should be available from this website in Summer 2005. Click here to email an enquiry to us if you would like to know when the Inflator is available.
Q. What are the size and weight of the Cyclaire Pump?
A. The Cyclaire Pump is 158mm long x 64mm wide x 53mm high, and weighs just 302 grams.
Q. The gauge shows that it goes up to 120 psi, is that how much pressure I need in my tyres?
A. Probably not. The recommended pressure for your tyres will be written on the sidewall of the tyres. Do not over inflate your tyres.

The gauge on the pump has a colour coded indicator as a rough guide:
Green Children’s bikes up to 40 psi
Yellow Mountain bikes (fat tyres) 40 – 80 psi
Red Road bikes (narrow tyres) 80 – 120 psi
Q. What warranty do you offer with the Cyclaire™ Pump?
A. The Cyclaire™ Pump has been designed and manufactured to the highest standards of quality and durability. We also offer a 12 month guarantee against any defects in materials or workmanship. This guarantee is valid only if the pump is used in accordance with the operating instructions.
Small picture of the innovative Cyclaire™ bicycle pump.   Patents Pending;
WO 00/20757 and
GB 0405217.1

 Cyclaire (Cyclaire-01) 

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